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Can Hypnosis Really Change My Life?

Here at the Institute of Hypnosis Research, we see clients who come to our seminars literally change their lives. It by far is one of the most effective tools for overcoming many challenges. Hypnosis is a really powerful way of overcoming smoking (or many other addictions) or unwanted habitual behaviors. It can also help in losing unwanted pounds much more quickly. In fact, hypnosis helped so many people with their problems that it’s more popular than ever. To be frank, that’s hardly surprising. In my opinion, it is because of the following reasons:

  • Hypnosis is a very enjoyable and relaxing experience
  • It has basically zero side effects
  • Even the first session can be effective in some cases

And most importantly,..

Hypnosis can change lives

To best illustrate this, let me tell you a real life example of a patient of mine. He was a seemingly healthy, 21 years old young man who sought my help for his long-standing struggles of paruresis. If you don’t know what paruresis is (aka “shy bladder syndrome”), it’s a physical affliction that prevents the ability to urinate in public places (such as bars or public toilets) or under certain conditions, for example, when someone is waiting for them to finish.

So, his condition became worse over time. This young, healthy man’s life was practically unbearable because of his shy bladder. Even the thought of going out made him super anxious because he knew he couldn’t pee in public. Because of this, he lost contact with his friends and getting a girlfriend with a condition like this seemed impossible for him. But,

Hypnosis helped him to turn his life around

He made the right choice with seeking my help, because problems like his often lie deep within the subconscious mind, and hypnotherapy operates just with that! You know, the conscious part of our mind only takes up around 7-10% of our whole mind. That’s right, the rest of it is the subconscious mind, the place where we store our thoughts and beliefs and, for example, it’s also responsible for things like relaxed urinary flow. Which, in the case of this young man was a huge relief. Believe it or not, with only three hypnotherapy sessions, the symptoms of his paruresis have dramatically decreased.

Hypnosis has changed his life

And it can change yours too. Whether your goal is to put down the cigarette or to lose weight faster, hypnosis is a proven way of doing so. You see, with hypnosis, it’s possible to completely eradicate negative behaviors or thoughts from the subconscious mind. And just like with shy bladder syndrome, the same be done with smoking too. So don’t be afraid to try hypnosis, your future-self will thank you later.

Institute of Hypnosis Research