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Can Hypnosis Help Me Make More Money?

This is a question that I literally have to answer every single day. And that’s not a coincidence.

“Money won’t make you happy.”

For heaven’s sake, shut the heck up. Money may not buy you happiness, but I bet you’d rather cry in a Lamborghini than on a bus. Everyone wants to earn more money. Period. More people realize day by day that financial freedom is achievable, and many of them are already living the dream. Here’s how they do it (in a nutshell).

They are 100% committed to their goals

Getting a better paying job or starting a business that will grant you financial freedom requires outstanding mental focus. If you’re not committed to your goals, you’ll fail. It’s that simple. You won’t earn more money if you get easily distracted by things that don’t help you to move towards your goals. Now here’s the thing about mental focus. For some people, this ability comes naturally, while some others might need some training to be able to envision success and commit 100% to it.

And it’s all in your subconscious mind

Our subconscious mind is like a giant storehouse for our thoughts and beliefs. We could say it’s basically the core “programming” of our mind. The thing is, some of us are simply not “programmed” for achieving success. You might say okay, I’ll quit my 9 to 5 job and start a business, but still, your subconscious mind might not think so. Just think of new year resolutions: the gyms are full on the 1st of January and after just one week, everything goes back to the way it used to be. This is the lack of commitment and mental focus.

Hypnosis will get you to commit to your goals

When you’re getting hypnotized, you enter a state called the hypnotic trance. During this state, the hypnotist (or hypnotherapist) is able to stimulate your subconscious mind. The suggestions that he gives you in this state will get “sucked” in by your subconscious without you even realizing it. You’ll feel relaxed (a bit sleepy, even) but you won’t feel anything unusual. Still, the core programming of your mind is basically getting altered in the process. Now it’s entirely possible that you won’t experience any improvement at all after your first hypnotherapy session. The truth is, it might take 3-4 sessions to feel any changes in your mindset. But still, hypnotherapy is tested and proven to work and there are very few people who can’t be hypnotized.

Final thoughts

Will hypnosis make you earn more money and grant you success right away? No, it definitely won’t. But with the help of hypnosis, it’s possible to alter the core programming of your mind so you’ll be able to focus on your goals and achieve your goals much faster. It’s all about your mindset, you know, and I’m 100% sure that hypnosis will grant you that mindset.

Institute of Hypnosis Research